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She lives in the place in the side of our lives

Where nothing is ever put straight

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15 March 1988
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abba, ada jones, al jolson, alan rickman, alphabetical order, american fancy, amish, anomalies, anthropomorphic taxidermy, antiques roadshow, argyle socks, assisted suicide, baklava, beatrix potter, being a sexist pig, billy bibbit, billy murray, birding, black jelly beans, botany, bruises, bumblebees, buster keaton, cats attacking small children, charles darwin, charley bowers, chicago, chicago style hot dogs, cicadas, colleen moore, crispin glover, curio cabinets, curling, damsels in distress, dexter, e. h. windred, easter, edward gorey, emo philips, ernst haeckel, faking my own death, fellatio, female submission, feral children, flea circuses, franz kafka, germany, girly girls, glenn gould, goat cheese, harold and maude, harold lloyd, harpo marx, having my blood taken, heavenly creatures, hieronymus bosch, inappropriate pickles, infp, insects, irving berlin, jan švankmajer, jelly roll morton, jesus h. tap-dancing christ, joel hodgson, john james audubon, jurassic technology, laurel and hardy, left-handedness, leopold and loeb, lifelong virgins, little otik, lolita, lotte reiniger, louis wain, minnesota accents, misanthropy, monogamy, moths, mozart, natural history, norman bates, oingo boingo, only children, ornithology, overdressing, panda cam, pen & ink, pigeons, prague, prominent noses, pulik, quakerism, ragtime, rain boots, rat catching, rather impressive cardigan collections, rats, richard doyle, rock doves, rodents, roller derby, rubin farr, rufus wainwright, russian folk art, salvador dali, schadenfreude, scott joplin, self-inflicted haircuts, sexually harassing my pets, shirley temple, silent films, sleeping alone, small dogs, snails, solitaire, sprawling, stealing your unique interests, steve buscemi, sweden, tarantulas, taxidermy, teetotalers, the ditty bops, the four nightingales, the keno brothers, the morton umbrella girl, the velveteen rabbit, they might be giants, tiny tim, traditional gender roles, traditional jazz, tulips, ukulele, vaudeville, venn diagrams, victor talking machine, w.c. fields, walter potter, watership down, weird al yankovic, wftda, whore-red lipstick, wind in the willows, windmills, windy city rollers, winsor mccay, wladyslaw starewicz, xtc, zombies

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